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Mr. Melnik was one of the very first “talking heads” on television, relied upon by those in the media as an expert in criminal law. Before O.J. Simpson was even arrested, Mr. Melnik was on the air with KABC as their legal expert for the case. Immediately after his first appearance on Channel 7, all 5 major TV channels in Los Angeles and CNN had Mr. Melnik on the air as well, until KABC tied up Mr. Melnik with a long term contract, appearing almost daily, analyzing the preliminary hearing and trial of Mr. Simpson.

After his year long contract was over, Mr. Melnik worked for Paramount studios, appearing on shows such as Hard Copy and doing script analysis. Subsequent to his work on the Simpson case, Mr. Melnik appeared periodically on local and national stations commenting other significant cases in the news.

Mr. Melnik has been interviewed by Charlie Gibson on Good Morning America, had one of his cases featured by Jeffrey Toobin in the New Yorker and appeared on numerous National and International television news and entertainment shows including E!, A & E, MSNBC, Court TV, Celebrity Justice, World News Tonight, ABC News, NBC Nightly News, Fox News, CBS Evening News, Telemundo, and news stations in Singapore, Britain, Germany, Australia, Japan and Taiwan.

Mr. Melnik has worked for producers, directors, actors and others in the entertainment industry, representing them in matters that required Mr. Melnik’s discretion and expertise.

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