Child Molest Lawyer Los Angeles

Being accused of molesting a child changes your life permanently. The only thing that you can do to give yourself the very best chance of evading the numerous harsh and everlasting consequences of a child molestation (including the possibility of termination of parental rights) is to retain a defense lawyer who will aggressively assert and defend you and your rights in court.

Regardless of the precise abuse charges that you might face, Mr. Melnik has years of experience dealing in many different types of sex cases. Mr. Melnik can help you, as he has worked with a myriad of professionals in this field to provide the best possible defenses.

Early Intervention is Important

Sex crime accusations are very easily made by anyone. It is scary how little evidence is actually needed to ruin your reputation, get you charged with a crime or end up in jail. Often times with child sex charges, there is no DNA or bruising or physical evidence. The evidence in these cases is essentially the spoken words of the child. Too often these children are manipulated by social workers, other parents and police. Early intervention is the key. Don’t wait for charges to be filed. Call Mr. Melnik to discuss your circumstances in a confidential consultation.

Los Angeles Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services may be called in on a case, because they were referred by an outside source such as a school, health care worker or neighbor. They will investigate you and may refer the case to the District Attorney for prosecution. Obtain representation by Mr. Melnik before they interview you. Getting advice and counsel are extremely important before you say something wrong and make matters worse. You may face criminal charges, lose guardianship of your child or children, or have your parental rights terminated if convicted.

Los Angeles Sexual Molestation Defense Lawyer – Punishment

Criminal charges for sexual abuse of a minor are serious and can carry a sentence of up to life in prison for just one sex act against a child. Touching, oral copulation, penetration and sexual contact can also require Registration as a sex offender for life. Almost all sexual contact with a child will be charged as a felony and require bail. If you are accused and/or arrested for committing child sexual abuse, you need an aggressive and knowledgeable Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. If you think you are going to be charged, contact Mr. Melnik right away so he can consult with you confidentially and provide information you will need to know before you talk to anyone. Punishment for sexual abuse charges can range from probation with counseling to many years in state prison. Each act with a child stacks up the charges and the years you could spend in prison.

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