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Drug charges can have severe consequences, including forfeiture of property and long prison sentences. Consulting with an experienced attorney for advice on how to proceed is essential. If you are facing drug charges, a knowledgeable attorney like Mr. Melnik can help you navigate through the issues involved in this complex area of law. Mr. Melnik handles all types of drug cases, including:

  • Possession of all illegal and prescription drugs
  • Possession for sale of illegal and prescription drugs
  • Transportation of illegal drugs
  • Unlawful possession of manufacturing chemicals and equipment
  • Marijuana grow farms
  • Medical marijuana cases and certificates
  • Possession for sale, transportation and possession of Marijuana
  • Ketamine
  • Ecstasy
  • Synthetic drugs

Resolution of some cases may result in educational classes and the dismissal of all charges, including felonies.

Mr. Melnik has handled hundreds of drug cases for clients including:

  • Enormous marijuana farms worth millions of dollars
  • Methamphetamine manufacturing operations
  • Pre-cursor ingredient cases
  • 70 kilos of cocaine for one client
  • 7 kilos of heroin
  • 1 rock hand to hand sales cases
  • Police sting cases
  • Reverse sting cases
  • Possession of ketamine
  • Possession of syringes and tar heroin
  • Planting of cocaine on clients by law enforcement officers
  • Possession of ecstasy
  • Numerous other drug cases

Important issues in Narcotics cases:

Was a proper search warrant obtained?
Was there an informant involved?
Can you case be resolved without jail time?
If I get convicted, will my conviction be used to enhance the punishment of my next drug case?
Is a narcotics case a strike conviction?
If convicted, is my case considered a serious felony for sentencing purposes?
Can I get the money that was taken from me at the end of the case?
How long does my car have to be impounded?
What if I had a medical marijuana card?
Did the police have a right to stop or detain me?
Did the police have a right to search me?
The police didn’t read me my rights, what does that mean?
Can I get a diversion program rather than going to jail?

No matter what drug charges you are facing, no matter how simple the issues or how complex the case, Mr. Melnik has the background, skill and the legal knowledge to provide the effective legal representation you have to have. Get him on your case. Talk to Mr. Melnik. You can speak to him personally, usually within hours.

Los Angeles Drug Crime Lawyer – Consequences

All drug related crimes that occur in our state are very serious issues, and based on the conditions, carry with them severe legal consequences. If you’re found guilty of a drug charge, there are several penalties that you may be presented with, such as monetary penalties, probation, and/or a jail term. You can also lose your drivers license for 6 months if convicted of a drug offense.

A drug related conviction on your criminal record could cause issues in your personal and professional life, as it may reduce your opportunity of getting a good job or a place to live. You may have to register as a narcotics offender with the police department as well.
Some accused in drug related cases might be able to avoid prison entirely and enter a drug diversion program or drug rehab program. Mr. Melnik can give you your options and help minimize the consequences.

If you have been arrested for misdemeanor or felony drug charges in Los Angeles, it is important that you hire legal representation that you can trust. Call Mr. Melnik for a free confidential consultation or fill out the e-mail form and tell him about your case. Mr. Melnik will personally respond to you.

Contact us today for professional criminal defense by attorneys who know how police and prosecutors operate. If you are arrested for possession, sales, transportation, manufacturing or trafficking narcotics, we can help.

If you have a case,Mr. Melnik can assist you. He has worked for clients accused of drug and narcotics charges throughout the state and in seven other states. Whether you’re faced with large-scale drug trafficking or simple possession of a controlled substance, he can draw draw on years of experience in working with cops and prosecutors.

Your defense may be able to exploit mistakes made by the police. Often times when making drug busts, narcotics officers frequently:

  • - Ignore the California rules of search and seizure
  • - Arrest someone without proof that the drugs even belonged to them
  • - Deceive judges in an effort to confuse California search warrants
  • - “Set-up” suspects in violation of California entrapment laws
  • - Rely on bogus “confidential police informants”
  • - Exaggerate or outright lie in their police reports

Our Los Angeles drugs crime lawyers know how to scrutinize the lawsuit for police mistakes and misconduct. Furthermore, we know how to exploit issues in the prosecutor’s case to your advantage.
Oftentimes, we are able to make a motion to suppress evidence, which, if granted, generally leads to the entire case being dismissed.

Schedule a free initial consultation with our Los Angeles drug crimes attorney to talk about your case and go over your legal options.


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