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A Los Angeles felony charge and conviction results with life-changing consequences. At best, it may end in formal probation with minimal or no jail time. At worst, it’s punishable by a state jail term of 16 months or more or even life in prison.

Felonies include non-violent criminal acts like petty theft (shoplifting) with a prior conviction, to more violent crimes such as domestic abuse, assault with a dangerous weapon, robbery, sex crimes and murder.

Types of Los Angeles felony cases can include:

* White Collar: bribery, fraud, forgery, perjury (making false statements under oath), embezzlement, identity theft, computer crimes

* Drugs : possessing, manufacturing, distributing, possession with intent to sell

* Sex: sexual abuse, sexual assault, illegal possession of pornography, continuous sexual abuse of a child

* Violent and Serious: mayhem, murder or involuntary manslaughter, kidnapping, arson, grand theft involving a firearm, felony DUI (driving under the influence, 4th time in 10 years)

Felony Sentencing

For most states, felonies are punishable within the Determinate Sentencing laws. What this means is the judge can impose 1 of 3 jail terms: low, middle or high term. For instance, first degree burglary is punishable by the low term of two years, middle term of four years or upper term of six years.

Often the judge selects the middle term, but it really depends on quite a few issues, such as the judge’s own discretion, the crime’s severity, the offender’s criminal history and also other mitigating (less serious) or aggravating (more serious) factors.

* A mitigating factor can be whether or not the offender played an active or passive role in the felony.

* An aggravating factor can be whether or not the the defendant used a weapon or a weapon during the crime.

Even the lightest felony conviction can mess up several aspects of everyday existence, limiting employment, housing opportunities, and quality of living for many years. For you to secure the best possible outcome for your case, you have to have a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney at your side.

In certain states, a number of misdemeanor criminal acts can be raised to felonies. These are typically known as “wobblers” and may even can include the following criminal acts:

* Assault
* Battery
* Domestic Violence
* Hit and Run
* Embezzlement
* Drug Offenses (Certain)
* Criminal Threats
* Fraud
* Vandalism
* Possession of Firearms

When expungement (clearing a criminal record) or sentencing hangs in the balance over the status of a wobbler, legal counsel is certainly important.

The suitable lawyer can tip the justice scales in favor of a misdemeanor, and even minimize the impact and punishment of “wobbler” crimes. Phone our Los Angeles criminal defense attorney right away to get a cost-free consultation.

An Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney is crucial

* It is possible to avoid jail completely and arrange for a different sentence. Your own lawyer can be the greatest singular element in deciding the result of your felony conviction.

A felony expungement (clearing your record) can also be possible when you have satisfied the conditions of probation, not picked up another criminal case, and didn’t serve a state jail sentence.

Our competent group of Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys will boldly go after any and all solutions to obtain the best possible outcome available to you, such as trial and alternative sentencing. For powerful and successful representation, as well as a zero cost confidential consultation, contact Los Angeles criminal defense attorney immediately.

Felony - Level Offenses

A felony charge in most states is punishable by over one year, to life, imprisonment, and a maximum fine, as described by statute.

Felonies would be the most serious of all criminal charges and are prosecuted strongly. Common felony charges include murder, drug-trafficking, rape, assault, arson and robbery.

In all of the felony cases, the county attorney (instead of the city lawyer) will prosecute. In especially serious matters, the State Attorney General would have to get involved.

Working together with an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer is among the most significant steps you can take if you’ve been charged with a felony. Since you also face a longer term of prison time, acting immediately, and working with an attorney who can assist you to avoid a conviction, is important.

Because a felony is considered the most severe type of criminal charge a defendant may face, there’s a lot of hearings involved. Right after an arrest for a felony, bail and release conditions will be set. The next step will be an arraignment, the defendant’s first court appearance. The court will inform the defendant of the charges he or she is facing.

After arraignment, the defendant will face what is known as an “omnibus” hearing. This offers the defense the chance to challenge the probable cause and proof that’s been unlawfully secured versus the defendant.

Next, a pre-trial hearing is going to be set. During this hearing, the defense and prosecution will try to discuss a plea bargain. If a plea bargain is not achieved, the case is going to court.

Just How a Los Angeles Felony Conviction Can Impact You

A conviction for felony will have an effect on your opportunity to get work, acquire student loans, serve in the military, vote, and possess a firearm, among other things. It’s also much more challenging to expunge a felony conviction than just a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor. These cases are serious and must be handled by a qualified defense attorney.

Charged with a felony in Los Angeles? To obtain the legal representation you should have throughout this difficult experience, please contact our law firm for a totally free consultation. Call right away for a free of charge case evaluation. It’s your opportunity to determine what you are up against and how we can assist.

If you’ve been charged with a serious felony, like aggravated robbery, murder, or rape, it is important that there is a skilled felony defense trial attorney to handle your case and defend your rights. Our Firm has a considerable experience to protect your rights.

We also have expertise in knowing how to deal with all possibilities that could arise in the course of pre-trial hearings, jury trials, and sentencing hearings. We are familiar with local prosecutors and their ways of conducting cases, and apply that familiarity with law enforcement to protect our clients.

We can successfully defend individuals in state and federal courts against all levels of felony charges including:

* Aggravated robbery
* Aggravated kidnapping
* Major drug crimes including narcotics trafficking
* Manslaughter
* Vehicular manslaughter
* Burglary of a house
* Burglary of a building
* Armed robbery, any crime committed with a firearm
* Rape

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