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Twenty U.S. States have a special status for sex offenders screened as sexually violent predators, which allows these offenders to be held in prison after their sentences are completed if they are considered to be a risk to the public. California rigorously screens every person 6 months shy of their release from prison regardless of whether they were sent to prison for a sex offense. If a potential parolee has at least one sex offense in their prior history, they are screened for the SVP program which could cause the person to be committed to spend the rest of their life in a mental hospital.

Between two and four psychologists are sent to the prison to interview each potential parolee. Their job is to determine if the potential parolee has a special sexual disorder, that has a very vague definition. Basically, if a person has more than two sexual victims over a six month period, or if they have one child victim that was abused over a six month period, they will qualify for the mental disorder portion of the SVP statute. The psychologists then determine if the person is at risk to do it again during the person’s lifetime. If the psychologists employed by the State agree that a parolee meets the statute’s criteria, SVP proceedings are instituted, usually in the California county of the persons last prison conviction.

If you are a sex offender in prison, do not think you can manipulate or impress the state psychologists to talk your way out of the program. These people are highly trained and will be able to get concessions from you that will qualify you for commitment much easier than if you refuse to meet with them. Refusing to meet with the state evaluators will not make it more likely that you would receive a referral for commitment.

Mr. Melnik has ben representing SVP’s and potential SVP’s since the program was enforced in 1999. Mr. Melnik has obtained the release of more potential SVP’s than any other lawyer in California in trial. At one point, Mr. Melnik obtained the release of 9 consecutive clients. Many lawyers around the country NEVER even win one case.

These are extraordinarily complex cases. Mr. Melnik represents detained parolees and those already committed SVP’s all over the California, from San Diego to Yuba. Most of these cases are long cases, taking 4-7 weeks in trial before a jury can render a verdict. Many experts are called to testify and a person’s entire life history is exposed and put on trial.

A SVP case originates in the county of a person’s last conviction and a prosecutor from the District Attorney’s office will file the Petition wherein a jury will decide if a person should stay in a mental hospital for the rest of their life.

If you are committed as an SVP, it is basically a point of no return, and the likelihood of release by going through the State sponsored treatment program that will take a minimum of 10 years, is very slim. Even if you are released after 10 years of treatment, you are still only conditionally released and the community to which you are released will chase you out of each residence and picket and protest your presence as a sexually violent predator until you are basically locked up again.

The best chance of beating a SVP petition is to not interview with the psychologists while in prison pending your release and to hire Todd Melnik as your attorney.

It is extraordinarily important to contact Mr. Melnik as soon as posible if you believe that your are going to be detained under the SVP law. Dont wait.

Sex Crimes

While we are a full service criminal defense firm Los Angeles, we have made defending those charged with misdemeanor and felony state and federal criminal sex offenses the main focus of our own practice. We have worked on several cases involving all types of sex-related criminal offenses in Los Angeles.

Sex Crimes in Los Angeles can range from minor misdemeanor offenses to very serious, and even violent, felony offenses. Regardless, those people that find themselves charged with these kinds of wrongdoing often prefer to maintain their situation as confidential as they possibly can. Even before the criminal case starts, the simple accusation of being associated with a sexual offense could be very embarrassing.

The Los Angeles sex crimes defense attorneys understand this and are here to assist you and your family throughout the process. In these types of cases, you must have a competent sex crimes defense lawyer on your side who knows what needs to get done in each one of these different types of sex-related cases. Our Los Angeles sex crimes defense attorneys will scrutinize statements from the accuser and witnesses, if any exist.

In defending against these kinds of very confidential cases, it is usually important to get our own investigator re-interview these individuals. Moreover, it might be helpful to have a psychotherapist speak to our client and evaluate him/her. Oftentimes our therapist’s assessment can help our defense.

Our sex crimes defense group can assist you. Phone our Los Angeles sex crimes defense lawyers right away or e-mail us so we can discuss your case and probable defenses.

Some of the common offenses our sex crimes practice includes are:

* Lewd Acts in a Public Place
* Lewd/Lascivious Acts with a Minor
* Internet Sting Operations
* Indecent Exposure
* Peeking
* Prostitution / Loitering / Solicitation
* Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography / Internet Pornography / Other Obscene Materials.
* Sexual Battery
* Statutory Rape
* Date Rape/Spousal Rape
* Forcible Rape
* FAQ’s
* Sex Crime Possible Defenses

Hiring a sex crimes defense lawyer Los Angeles from our firm to defend you or your loved one against a sex-related offense guarantees that you’re getting a team of the top defense attorneys, investigators, and other experts to work hard on your case to get the best possible result. We are going to be unrelenting in defending your legal rights. Speak to us today for your totally free consultation.

Persons charged with sexual assault or child sex offenses deal with aggressive prosecutors and unpleasant public opinion. Plenty of people, perhaps even some criminal defense attorneys, are only too willing to think the worst about those accused of sex offenses. At our Law Offices, we understand not all people accused of sex offenses are actually guilty of the charges. We understand that people facing such charges should have the absolute best defense and representation.

Our Los Angeles criminal lawyers represent clients facing all types of sex crime charges, including:

* Sexual assault and rape
* Aggravated sexual assault
* Child molestation
* Indecency with a child
* Indecent exposure
* Online solicitation of a minor
* Possession of child pornography

At our Law Offices, we focus our practice to defending the legal rights of our clients and preserving their liberty. Being an seasoned Los Angeles sexual assault and child sex offense attorney, we now have effectively defended many clients dealing with these really serious charges.

Sometimes, we can end the investigation of our clients, producing no charges being filed. In some cases, we can obtain mitigated charges and lowered penalties, and in still other cases, we could win acquittals in jury trials.

These types of cases are treated differently and a conviction brings long-term sentences and life-long registration. You should have a lawyer that is motivated to assist you. Unfortunately, a lot of people feel that a person accused of a sex crime does not deserve a great defense. If the person is responsible, some lawyers feel that he or she always should go to jail.

Our Los Angeles sex offense lawyer at our firm think that the state has to demonstrate its case beyond a reasonable doubt, and in sex cases, the state often has a case depending on one person’s word against another’s.

Sadly, many times persons confess to committing sex crimes like rape, sexual assault or child abuse. Even during cases where the confession might not be admissible at trial, an seasoned lawyer has his job cut out for him to keep his client from going to prison.

In case you seek the services of one of our Los Angeles criminal attorneys we shall fight to assist you prevent lifetime registration as a sex offender and prevent a prison sentence. We now have defended clients against many different types of sex offenses throughout the state.

In today’s climate, sex crimes have a special stigma. An individual charged with a Los Angeles sex crime needs an experienced lawyer. Once convicted, a sex offender is marked forever.

Conviction of a sex crime is much more severe than other kinds of criminal convictions. Long prison terms are normal, even for simple possession of child pornography. After prison, the defendant’s name, address and image can be publicized by the police and posted on the Internet.

An individual found guilty of a sex offense might be limited in the types of jobs he can hold and where he can stay. Perhaps even conviction of a sexual misdemeanor may affect you the rest of your life.

If you are investigated or arrested for sex assault, date rape, child pornography, an Internet sex crime, or a crime related to prostitution or people trafficking, it is vital to employ an experienced attorney to guard your rights.

Pleading guilty to a sex crime is hardly ever appropriate. You need a attorney as early as possible – ideally, just before charges are even brought. However even though you have been convicted, relief might be obtainable via appeal or a writ of habeas corpus.

Sex Crimes

If you are facing charges of a sex crime Los Angeles, we recommend you to speak to us right away. Our state has some of the harshest sex offender penalties in the nation. If you are convicted of a sex offense, you face consequences of mandatory jail time and permanent listing on the sex offender registry. In case you are facing a sex crime in Los Angeles or the state, we could help you.

At our law firm we certainly have experience that we will put to use in protecting your rights and defending your future. We know the law. That experience gives us with valuable insight into the methods and mindsets of individuals we’ll be defending you against.

We understand that law enforcement officers and prosecutors have particular habits and can take advantage of their weaknesses. Best of all, we know how to develop a defense plan against them to succeed in your case.

Dealing with the Sex Crimes Charges against you

We are seasoned attorneys. That means that we are not only prepared to take your case to trial if we can’t have it dismissed, it also means that we are always prepared to bring your case to trial. From the beginning, we are going to engage in a extensive investigation and preparation of your case to defend your rights and defend your freedom.

Of course, we are going to first look at other available choices, such as attempting to get the case dismissed well before it ever reaches court. If other strategies don’t yield the final results that you are searching for, we are prepared to defend your rights and protect your liberty before a judge and jury.

Sentencing in Los Angeles Sex Crime Cases

Sentencing in sex crimes cases could be complicated by state and federal sentencing guidelines. In federal cases, specific penalties may accompany if a computer was used, how many illegal pictures were involved, or whether or not a defendant was able to sell illegal material.

Based on the issues of a case, our attorneys can probably work to lessen a defendant’s sentence by calling on psychologists, counselors, and other experts during the sentencing phase of a trial. Particularly in cases where the accused was abused as a kid, is suffering from mental issues, or has a drug or alcohol addiction, the court can be convinced to reduce his or her sentence.

Our seasoned criminal defense lawyers care about our clients. We would like to hear your side of the story. We’ll be there for you when you need us. Through the entire process, we will be by your side. You won’t be left on your own. We are here for you.

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