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People v. Juan Catalan

Client was charged with a homicide, alleging he executed a 16-year old witness to another murder. It was filed as a death penalty case. Despite an eyewitness identifying his client, Mr. Melnik conducted an extensive investigation that uncovered video footage, taken by the HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, that proved his client was at a Dodger baseball game when the crime was committed. Mr. Melnik’s elaborate alibi defense, which included the use of cell phone technology proved his client was factually innocent. Mr. Catalan is now a free man who successfully sued LAPD and the City of Los Angeles and settled his case the evening before the trial was to begin for a large sum.

People v. Anthony Goodrow

Anthony Goodrow was attending a party in Hawthorne at 10pm when the Hawthorne Police showed up to stop the party. His girlfriend was illegally arrested by the police for being drunk in public and interfering with a police officer, despite the fact she was in a private residence and had consumed less than a half a drink. Anthony asked police why she was being arrested and was met with a chokehold and taken down to the ground by officers who admitted kicking and punching Anthony to subdue and handcuff him. While handcuffed and laying on the ground, an officer kicked Anthony in the face, breaking his jaw in two places. He was dragged to a police car and charged with a felony for resisting arrest and causing injury to the police officers. At the separate trial of his girlfriend, Mr. Melnik got the drinking in public charge dismissed and a ruling from the judge that the officer illegally entered the residence to arrest her, resulting in an immediate dismissal in the middle of trial. Mr. Goodrow’s case was dismissed after the preliminary hearing. Mr. Goodrow sued the Hawthorne Police Department and the City of Hawthorne for a violation of his civil rights for his illegal arrest and broken jaw. The case settled for seven figures.

People v. Zaini Jeloni

Client was a Singapore airline flight attendant accused of raping and murdering another flight attendant while on layover at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. He was going to receive life without parole if convicted. Mr. Melnik flew to Taiwan and Singapore in search of evidence and witnesses that had returned to Singapore. Mr. Melnik proved that the LAPD destroyed evidence while getting unwitting members of the Singapore Secret Police to confirm his clients assertions. While detained in Singapore, his client had allegedly confessed voluntarily three different times to the murder while in Singapore to both LAPD and to the Singapore Secret Police. Mr. Melnik proved otherwise in court, resulting in all confessions being thrown out. Mr. Jeloni served one more year on a manslaughter plea and was returned to Singapore where he lives as a free man.

People v. Antonio Rosales

Client was charged with a robbery in the parking lot of a Vons. At the time of the robbery, client was actually in line to pay for his groceries with his wife and baby. Having locked his keys in the car, he was delayed from departing the lot. The victim identified the client despite the fact he had groceries and his dated and timed receipt. LAPD refused to look at the receipt and lost the receipt claiming the client never had one. Initially represented by other counsel, Mr. Melnik got the case a few days before trial. Cleverly, he subpoenaed the store manager and all the register tapes for the day of the crime, listing on the subpoena the majority of items bought from the store by the client and his wife. During the defense portion of the case, after having been wrongly identified, Mr. Melnik called the store manager to the witness stand. The manager went through each register tape at about the time of the 911 call made by the victim. On the second to last open register, all the items on the subpoena were found on the tape, showing paid as cash was listed on the subpoena. The time of the transaction printed on the register tape was minutes before the 911 call. Before cross examination, the prosecutor stood up, interrupted the case and dismissed the charges. Mr. Rosales was released from custody that day.

People v. Raymond L.

Client was charged with possession for sale of 7 kilos of heroin which were found in his home along with a large amount of US currency. Client had only been out of custody for 60 days after being released on a 360 day sentence with probation that Mr. Melnik was able to negotiate for the client’s possession for sale of a 1/2 kilo of cocaine conviction despite the client’s prior narcotics conviction. Mr. Melnik was able to negotiate a deal of 7 years (and serve less than 4 years) despite a maximum of 19 years the client faced on the heroin charges with the client’s two prior narcotics convictions.

People v. Roy Davis

A three strike case was filed against Client for failure to register as a sex offender after being released from the Sexually Violent Predator program. Mr. Melnik litigated the case and all charges were dismissed.

People v. Marcel D.

Client was charged with multiple felony counts of insurance fraud, with losses over a million dollars. By the time the case was over, Client pled to one misdemeanor charge and paid $30,000 restitution and did not spend a single day in custody.

People v. Toshiko Nakamura

This Client was wrongly accused of orchestrating a half million dollar theft against an elderly lady. Mr. Melnik intervened after the search warrants and presented the entire defense to the District Attorney’s office, who then declined to prosecute the Client, saving the Client the time, expense and worry about fighting a large complex criminal case.

People v. Gary S.

Client was the nephew of one of the most powerful people in Hollywood who was charged with trespassing and assault arising out of an incident from the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. All charges dismissed after a lengthy investigation by Mr. Melnik.

People v. Frank Fore

In a 72 kilo cocaine case, Mr. Melnik was able to negotiate a concurrent sentence of 10 years to be served in federal custody, resulting in no additional time for the client. Federal judges usually insist on consecutive sentencing for state and federal cases.

People v. Andrea Sanchez

Client was arrested with a pound of methamphetamine concealed upon her person. By the time Mr. Melnik finished the case, the client did ZERO time in custody.

People v. Gregory Fosmire

Client was a performer who was charged with obscene live conduct for a 5 minute show he did on stage at a nightclub in Hollywood that was attended by undercover officers. The defense in the case was based on First Amendment grounds. After a two month trial, all charges were dismissed.

People v. Laura G.

Client embezzled $53,000 from a law firm that she worked for (not ours). Mr. Melnik was the second attorney on the case. As soon as he became attorney of record, he was able to get client released from jail. Client did not do any additional time. Mr. Melnik eventually obtained a plea to a misdemeanor for the client.

People v. Dominique S.

Client embezzled $35,000 from her employer after being sexually harassed endlessly. Mr. Melnik negotiated a no time deal with restitution over 5 years.

People v. Larry Merrick

Client was charged with possession for sale of a large quantity of marijuana that carried 25 years to life for the Three Strikes law. A verdict of not guilty was obtained after trial.

People v. Juvenile

Client, while in school, was accused of grabbing a classmate’s breast for lewd and lascivious purposes during a class movie. After extensive investigation, victim’s claims were proven to be exaggerated. Although originally a felony calling for camp placement, client received deferred judgment and the case was dismissed.

People v. William Smith

Client was accused of attempted murder for shooting a pedestrian in the back multiple times as he walked away after a heated argument. Not guilty on all acounts after trial.

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