About Mr. Melnik

Mr. Melnik goes the extra mile for his clients in criminal defense cases that require in depth investigation and analysis. He has the special distinction of saving a completely innocent man from Death Row who was wrongly fingered by an eyewitness and falsely charged with special circumstances homicide for allegedly executing a witness in another murder case.

To make his case, Mr. Melnik out-investigated several seasoned LAPD homicide detectives (again) with diligent fact finding through a unique investigation process involving the use of subpoenas, court orders and 21st century technology.

During the court presentation, with all the drama reminiscent of Perry Mason, Mr. Melnik was able to clear his client of all charges. His victory, and unbelievable persistence to find evidence to clear his client was reported around the world in over 50 countries. His win stunned a seasoned prosecutor who by her own admission, had never lost a murder case until she went up against Mr. Melnik.

After the case, Mr. Melnik discussed his experiences with United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who expressed his admiration to Mr. Melnik for his efforts to free an innocent man, and acknowledged the difficulties of defending persons wrongly identified by eyewitnesses.

Mr. Melnik has appeared on numerous television and radio programs as a paid legal analyst and guest speaker for numerous high profile cases. You may have seen him on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS Evening News, ABC News, CNN, MSNBC, Court TV, Celebrity Justice, Hard Copy, KCBS, KABC, FOX, and KTLA.

What Is Most Important to You When You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

  • First and foremost, you can call and speak to Mr. Melnik. Our technology can forward your first call to Mr. Melnik to discuss your case immediately even if he is not in the office. After 21 years of criminal defense practice, he understands your need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible.
  • Once on your case, Mr. Melnik returns all phone calls the same day. He will not ignore your calls like some other lawyers.
  • Mr. Melnik handles routine misdemeanor cases to complex high-profile cases for clients, including those covered by the media. Regardless of guilt or innocence, Mr. Melnik fights for each client to obtain the best possible result he can.
  • Integrity, trust and experience are essential to selecting your attorney. Your attorney should have an excellent reputation among other lawyers, judges and prosecuting attorneys. Mr. Melnik and several of his cases are well known and his results respected. United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has personally discussed with Mr. Melnik his personal admiration for Mr. Melnik’s work in the Dodger Stadium – Curb Your Enthusiasm murder alibi case, and shared Mr. Melnik’s concern about wrongly accused defendant’s and the problems with eyewitness identification.

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