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It happens every day in Los Angeles or nearby. Each day persons are involved in traffic crashes. However something happens. Panic begins, or distress and a lot of other causes can come into play. A person continues to drive right after a major accident, and leaves the scene. They get back their composure soon after that, and they desire to make things right.

The problem that continues to be is “What do I do today?” Fast help is important, to figure out the best approaches in your specific situation.

It is calming to know for sure that you have immediate help available. Los Angeles Hit and Run Defense Attorney has handled several Hit and Run Los Angeles Cases as a Criminal Defense Law Firm. All of us are familiar with successful approaches to these occasions, and have discovered it to be extremely advantageous for our clients to retain our services as quickly as possible.

In many cases, we were able to figure out answers where the investigating law enforcement agency has not asked for any charges being filed against our clients. This opportunity will not be obtainable to someone who waits until a case is filed in the court. In some criminal cases, we have been able to resolve pending charges with Diversion, Civil Compromise, and also Dismissal.

More Crucial Details about Los Angeles Hit and Run Violations

Hit and Run is usually charged whenever a person collides or crashes his vehicle into another person’s car and then flees the scene of the incident without properly identifying himself. In Los Angeles, if a man or woman is involved in a car accident, it is actually legal protocol to exchange certain information with all of the parties involved in the accident. This information consists of an individual’s name, contact number, address, and insurance information.

When a person commits the crime of hit and run, he or she will be liable for imprisonment, fines, and cancellation of the insurance policy if perhaps convicted. These kinds of concerns highlight the value of quickly getting an successful Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney.

Depending on the state, anyone convicted of a hit and run will get two points on their own driving record, along with be subject to serious problems by higher auto insurance premiums, in case not cancellation of the policy altogether.

Likely Consequences of a Los Angeles Hit and Run Violations

A person faced with hit and run may be subject to enhancements in case:

* A third party had been injured during the accident
* There was great destruction to property
* The individual caused a wrongful death
* The individual has a prior criminal conviction

The hit and run conviction could lead to prison time, monetary fines, probation, community service, and suspension of the driver’s license.

Hit and Run Defense

If you’ve been involved with a hit and run event, it is to your advantage to speak with our Los Angeles hit and run defense attorney. The legal penalties of a hit and run conviction are substantial: representation in these cases is important.

We are actually proud to provide reliable legal counsel for clients throughout Los Angeles and the state. As an attorney with years of practical experience, we now have helped several clients fight their really serious Hit and Run charges.

All of us know the life altering results a Hit and Run accusation may have on our clients, which is the reason we work to provide them considerable advice and counsel.

Anytime a Los Angeles Accident Becomes Hit and Run

Hit and Run incidents are the result of one party causing injury to another party’s property or person and departing the scene before producing the proper driver documentation. Hit and Run charges may be both misdemeanors and felonies, based on the severity of the accident.

HIT AND RUN Los Angeles lawyers are aware of the law. The driver of the motor car that is involved in a major accident or collision, whatever the degree of seriousness or extent of injury, must stop, find the owner of the damaged property and produce his driver documentation. Failing to do so can lead to criminal charges for Los Angeles Hit and Run.

Types of Accidents

Did you know these can produce a HIT and RUN offense?

* Car crash or some other moving motor car crash
* Bicycle or pedestrian accident
* Destruction of parked or unoccupied vehicle or property
* Accidents occurring on your property or in front of your house
* Crashes you believe are not your fault
* Accidents involving death or serious bodily harm
* Property damage by your car whenever you aren’t the driver

DRIVER DOCUMENTATION IS IMPORTANT. The fastest way to prevent a Los Angeles Hit and Run charge is to stop after an accident or crash and immediately exchange your driver documentation. If the destroyed property is unoccupied, leaving a noticeable note along with your phone important information surrounding the case is acceptable. In all cases, the police must be informed!

The following are examples of common Driver Documentation:

* Full name
* Legitimate license number and state of issuance
* Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
* Insurance carrier’s name, address, telephone number and policy number

HIT AND RUN CHARGES – MISDEMEANOR OR FELONY? Los Angeles Hit and Run charges could be classified as misdemeanors or felonies, based on the seriousness of the accident, extent of damage, and defendant’s earlier criminal record.

Hit and Run Misdemeanor – For minor traffic accidents, like fender benders as well as other minimal property damage with no physical injuries, a misdemeanor charge is the most likely assessment. In some states, a Hit and Run Misdemeanor is described as, “a failure to immediately stop at the scene of a motor vehicle accident resulting in property damage.”

Hit and Run Felony – When Hit and Run results in bodily injury or death, a felony will be charged. In certain states, a Hit and Run Felony is understood to be, “a failure to immediately stop at the scene of a motor vehicle accident involving death or permanent injury to any person(s) associated with the accident.”

In either case, a misdemeanor or felony, a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer is necessary to ensure your best possible Hit and Run defense.

Penalties for a Hit and Run conviction:

Depending on whether a hit and run misdemeanor or hit & run felony is charged, penalties for hit and run vary from no jail time (plus fines and restitution) to 1 year in jail and, with more serious cases, time in state prison.

The attorneys in our law office are familiar with defending Los Angeles Hit and Run cases. For first time offenders, our clients rarely serve prison time. In some cases, we are able to work out an agreement with the victim, Judge, and District Attorney, called a “civil compromise”, which results in a dismissal of the defendant’s criminal proceedings.

Hit and Run Defense Attorney

If you are involved in an accident and you allegedly ran away from the scene, you could be charged with hit and run. This is a very serious charge that may end in severe punishments and consequences that could alter your life permanently.

It is essential that you if you have been arrested or in case you have gotten a citation or summons in the mailbox for a hit and run that you talk right away with one of our Los Angeles hit and run lawyers. The faster you talk to a lawyer, the sooner we will be able to begin your defense.

When you are convicted, you could deal with either a felony hit and run, or a misdemeanor hit and run charge. If you allegedly left the scene of an accident in which someone was physically wounded, you will most likely face felony hit and run charges. If the accident only resulted in property damage, you may be charged with a misdemeanor hit and run.

I have been charged with hit and run in Los Angeles. Just what are my options?

You are most likely upset and anxious about your charges and understandably so. At our firm, we are well-versed in the State justice system and we will work tirelessly to protect you. We have years of combined criminal defense experience and we will be able to help you avoid the worst if you have been charged with hit and run.

We will work to protect you in your case. It is very important to remember that witnesses can be mistaken, license plate numbers could be misread, and persons can misidentify you and more. There are so many ways in which a hit and run case could be defended. It can be merely a matter of familiarizing ourselves with your case and your circumstance to be able to offer you the defense you need.

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