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Protecting Your Interests during Grand Jury Proceedings Los Angeles

Many federal criminal charges stand for the end point of a procedure that starts with a criminal investigation and ends with the defendant’s formal indictment on particular offenses by the grand jury. For the defendant, of course, the indictment is just the beginning of what might be a lengthy, hard struggle to beat the charges or at the very least decrease any exposure to punishment.

Any kind of chance to build your possible defenses and assess your risk of conviction while the grand jury investigation is ongoing can give you a major edge in obtaining a positive conclusion in your court case. In other words, if you can begin your own defense well before the grand jury decides on the specific charges, if any, to return against you, you’ll almost definitely have a significantly better position than you otherwise would be.

The advice of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who focuses on Los Angeles Grand Jury Indictment proceedings, attention in the pre-indictment period of the case could help you in many ways, such as the following:

* Clarify your position in the investigation: are you a witness, a subject, a person of interest or the main target?

* Advise you about your grand jury testimony or production of documents, records or other evidence

* Respond to your certain concerns about the right against self-incrimination, like whether or not to “plead the Fifth”

* Prevent the mistakes which can result in obstruction of justice charges

* Initiate a parallel investigation of the facts that can help get the prosecution to downplay your own role in the alleged offenses

* Discourage the prosecution from trying to get the most severe possible charges against you

You will not get the right to get your defense attorney in the grand jury room with you in case you are expected to testify, but we can easily make sure that you are fully prepared and we will be nearby for consultations during breaks and recesses.

The strategic along with tactical decisions made in the grand jury proceedings will go far to form the future progress of a federal prosecution, whether it involves fraud charges, bank robbery, Internet sex offenses, public corruption, drug crimes or any other federal offense.

For specific advice about your current best choices throughout a federal grand jury investigation in Los Angeles, speak to a Los Angeles federal criminal defense lawyer at our firm right away.

Grand Jury Indictment

The primary goal of the grand jury indictment process is to evaluate the evidence supplied by the prosecution and also to find out whether or not there is good enough probability to advance forward with an indictment per the provisions of the Fifth Amendment.

An indictment is a formal accusation of a felony which is sent by the grand jury proceedings following thoroughly taking into consideration the evidence that is introduced by the prosecutor. Principally, an indictment is in regards to a felony crime in a grand jury trial. Given the really serious character of grand jury indictments, grand jury perjury has similar penalties to those of perjury in any other federal or felony case.

If you have gotten a Grand Jury Indictment in Los Angeles, you simply must have legal counsel represent you in your case.

If you’ve received a criminal indictment from a Grand Jury, then you most likely have either been arrested or are going to have a warrant issued for your arrest. You may be allowed to get an attorney post your bond in case the judge has established a bond amount for you.

Becoming indicted by a Grand Jury is a really serious situation that you need to take action on quickly by having a lawyer represent you and, take care of your case personally.

There may be factors about your case that only a capable lawyer can plead for you. Do you have a qualified attorney who can legally represent you in court? Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys know the laws that oversee the rules of court and how to defend your case. A criminal case is certainly a complex and sensitive issue that takes a professional to handle correctly.

State and Federal Grand Jury and Pre-indictment Defense

Whenever a defense lawyer gets the opportunity to represent a client prior to a grand jury’s return of an indictment, the client stands to benefit in many ways. The best outcome is to convince the government not to pursue charges at all, yet sometimes, a defense lawyer competent in grand jury investigations can sway the pre-indictment proceedings to the client’s advantage.

Successful intervention in the grand jury stage can mean that the most serious potential charges will never be returned against you.

For your free of charge consultation regarding the best ways to safeguard your interests in the grand jury phase of a criminal investigation, speak to our Los Angeles Grand Jury Indictment Attorneys right away. We know just how prosecutors work together with investigators to develop cases in the pre-indictment phase, and understand how potential defendants can help or hurt themselves while the grand jury considers the preliminary evidence.

Practically all big federal prosecutions as well as many state felony criminal cases are charged by grand jury indictment. That means that the government’s lawyers offer evidence from an ongoing criminal investigation to a grand jury that then determines whether to return formal charges against one or more defendants in the form of an indictment.

Just as before, because you cannot be represented by an attorney in the grand jury room, your advice can achieve a great deal to protect your interests in such ways as the following:

* Monitor the grand jury proceedings by interviewing witnesses and keeping close contact with the prosecution

* Undertake an independent investigation of the details that could deflect the prosecution’s interest away from you

* Advise you about the best reaction to subpoenas for documents or testimony, connections from law enforcement agents, or getting ready to testify before a grand jury

* Work out the turnover of documents or maybe computer software instead of a surprise raid at your home or place of business

In the federal system, pre-indictment defense during grand jury investigations could be most successful in fraud cases, corruption cases, and drug cases. In the state system, early intervention is very advisable in sex crimes, drug cases, fraud and white collar crimes, and property offenses such as auto theft or burglary.

At least, sound legal advice in the pre-indictment stage can help protect you from the risk of mistakes that can result in such charges as perjury or obstruction of justice. To understand more about the benefit of professional representation in a grand jury investigation Los Angeles, speak to our firm right away for a free consultation.

Federal Grand Jury Investigation Defense Lawyers

If you have never been subpoenaed to a grand jury hearing before, you may be confused by protocol and procedures. You may have heard the terms grand jury and subpoena on television or in the movies, but until now, they had no meaningful link to anything related to your world.

Getting Subpoenaed

When a prosecutor like an assistant U.S. lawyer utilizes a grand jury to investigate someone or perhaps a corporation, that person or corporation may be subpoenaed to deliver documents, or called show up before a grand jury.

One could be called in as a witness, a subject (a person of interest) or a target (the focus of the investigation). As one is called to testify before the grand jury of between 16 and 23 people, one might find, depending on the evidence given, the response to questioning, that one goes from being a witness to becoming a subject or maybe a target.

One needs the guidance of seasoned attorneys to assist in getting ready to deal with a grand jury as well as advise of your right to refuse to testify based on the fifth amendment privilege to remain silent.

Having the Help You Need

We fully grasp the stress one may face when going before a grand jury and we provide a level of legal defense that shows our dedication to our clients. Make sure you talk to our attorneys prior to an appearance before a grand jury.

The assistance our Los Angeles grand jury investigation defense attorneys give is comprehensive – we work from this early stage, on through possible trial as well as appeal if needed. We work to get creative and legal solutions to your legal predicaments.

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