White Collar Crime Lawyer Los Angeles

Our firm prides itself on being experienced federal white collar crime attorneys in Los Angeles and throughout the State. We have been helping professionals in U.S. federal courts. All of us represent physicians, lawyers, stockbrokers, entrepreneurs, health providers and clinics, and other professionals going through charges for federal white-collar crimes like:

* Health care fraud, including Medicare and Medicaid fraud, as well as fraud made by infusion therapy clinics, home health care providers, and durable medical equipment sellers
* Securities fraud, which includes stock fraud, insider trading and Ponzi schemes
* Mortgage fraud/real estate fraud
* Tax fraud, for example failing to file a federal tax return, tax evasion, and failing to report offshore bank accounts and assets
* Business fraud, theft, embezzlement, accounting fraud and business opportunity fraud, for example telemarketing fraud
* Computer/Internet fraud, which includes identity theft
* Wire and mail fraud, conspiracy
* Money laundering

Federal white collar fraud cases in Los Angeles can be extremely complex and federal authorities usually spend a year or more looking into these types of cases before filing charges. Individuals who ultimately deal with federal white collar crime charges often know they are being investigated.

There is certainly value in hiring an expert federal white collar crime lawyer once you believe you’re the subject of a criminal investigation. Once we take care of federal crimes defense, we begin work before charges are filed. It is possible to get charges reduced or dropped completely. We are also skilled in representing clients in federal criminal appeals.

If you have been required to show up before a grand jury in relation to an investigation of a Los Angeles white collar crime, we will help you in preparing for the proceeding.

Should you need a federal white collar crime lawyer, experience can make all the difference. If you’ve been arrested for or are placed under investigation for fraud or any federal white collar criminal charge, contact us right now.

White Collar Crime

A white collar crime Los Angeles is a non-violent act involving deception, usually devoted by a businessman or public official. Evidence of a white collar crime usually involves a “paper trail,” of evidence that investigators use to prosecute the case. 

Other Kinds of White Collar Crime

* Embezzlement – the taking of someone’s property by a person with whom it is entrusted
* Larceny – involves taking another person’s property without paying for or returning it
* Fraud – this usually involves but is not limited to health care fraud and tax fraud
* Price Fixing – an agreement between two parties to set prices for a particular product, in doing so violating free market operations
* Racketeering – the extortion of money by force or a pattern of criminal activity committed to further the interests of a criminal syndicate
* Obstruction of Justice – interfering with the criminal process by impeding an investigation
* Perjury – lying while under oath in a judicial proceeding
* Securities and Commodities Law Violations
* Environmental Law Violations
* Antitrust Violations: Price fixing, monopolies and other infractions of the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act
* Bank Fraud: Fraud against a banking institution, including check fraud, commercial loan fraud, check kiting, and mortgage fraud
* Bankruptcy Fraud: Individuals or corporations who lie to creditors or bankruptcy officials about assets or debts
* Bribery: Offering money or property with the intention of influencing the behavior of others
* Computer/Internet Fraud: Using the Internet or computers to defraud others
* Credit Card Fraud: Using someone else’s credit card to purchase goods illegally
* Counterfeiting: Copying goods (such as designer merchandise) or money, and passing off the copies as genuine
* Economic Espionage: Stealing or misusing trade secrets
* Extortion: Taking money from someone through force, coercion or threats, blackmail
* Forgery: Manipulating or changing a written document for monetary gain
* Insurance Fraud: Defrauding insurance companies by exaggerating or fabricating claims
* Money Laundering: Running money obtained illegally through a legitimate business
* Securities Fraud: Can include insider trading and theft through market manipulation
* Tax Evasion: Filing inaccurate IRS returns, not reporting income on tax returns, not filing tax returns

Criminal prosecution of White Collar Crime in Los Angeles

White collar crimes can be prosecuted at the state or federal level, determined by whether a state or federal law was violated. When convicted, these kinds of crimes usually bring about prison time, large fines, and restitution to the victims of the crime. For people who have been victimized by white collar crime, hiring a Los Angeles criminal lawyer is often helpful whenever attempting to recover monies lost.

White Collar Crime Statistics

White collar crime is booming and is turning into an increasing trouble as the world becomes more high-tech, as the following white collar crime statistics from the National White Collar Crime Center indicate:

* About 1 in 3 American households is a victim of a white collar crime, but only 41 percent report it.
* Of white collar crimes reported, only 21 percent are handled by law enforcement or consumer protection agency.
* Economic crime costed the United States approximately $100 billion in 1990.
* While arrests for violent crimes have declined, fraud and embezzlement arrests have risen.

Los Angeles White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Arrested for a White Collar Crime in Los Angeles?

White-collar crime may seem nice, but it’s simply like any other criminal charge: it could also land you in prison if you do not have an effective lawyer with the expertise and abilities to obtain final results.

The phrase “white-collar crime” is a broad term that describes various kinds of theft and fraud cases that usually involves getting money by using deceptive means. Defending a white collar crime charge can be tough and complex.

Investigators may need years to complete an examination. They frequently need to go through a ton of records and financial data on paper and on computer files. They require an in depth evaluation of that data to figure out what happened.

As a result, you need an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer to help you fight your charge. Our lawyers have almost three decades of experience defending men and women on various white collar theft charges in state and federal court.

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